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About the Blog…

The Paola Campo Report is, in a nutshell, an entertainment and lifestyle blog. Here you will find everything from movie, TV, book reviews to pop culture commentary. You will also find bits and pieces of travel reviews, life as an expat, and even some royal history posts (because I’m a total history nerd). A big part of the blog is dedicated to health and beauty, so for the convenience of those of you who love makeup more than anything (and those of you who don’t), that part gets its own site.

In other words, The Paola Campo Report is a blog about anything and everything; so kick back and enjoy the ride!

…and what you’ll find

Here’s a rough breakdown of the posts you’ll find on the blog

  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Culture & Lifestyle
  • Blog Updates
About Paola

About Paola

Paola is a communicator and knowledge enthusiast with a passion for blogging, learning, and all things new, shiny, and beautiful.

Originally from Colombia, Paola currently lives in Belgium (a common topic of praise and horror in her writing) with her husband, son, and incredibly lazy, but adorable dog. When described by other people the words “funny” and “creative” come up frequently.

Paola’s first piece of writing at age 6 or 7 was titled “Intrigue in the United States”. Although a blank piece of paper, it was clear she was onto something good. She’s been chasing a good story ever since!

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