Our Wedding

Simon & Paola

September 5th, 2020

Thank You!

We were going to have a very big wedding with all our friends and family. Then we weren’t having any wedding at all. Luckily, we managed to have this celebration and it’s all thanks to you!

Back in February, we thought the most challenging part of getting married was going to be dealing with the absolute disaster of paperwork the commune put us through. Then, as we all know, Covid-19 showed up and put all our planning on hold.
Eventually, we saw a small window of opportunity to have a scaled-back version of the wedding we wanted, but one that would allow us to share the moment with parts of our family and friends. Sadly, we couldn’t have everyone we wanted there, but we adapted to the new digital reality we live in and tried to include those who couldn’t be there in one way or another.
Here are some of the memories for that special day we’ll never forget. And thanks to the pandemic, we will have an excuse to put on our fancy outfits once more and properly celebrate this event! Fingers crossed for 2022!


The official ceremony took place at the Leuven Town Hall at 11:45. Weddings usually take place in the trouwzaal, but because of corona regulations, we had ours at the much larger Raadszaal. This was a great compromise because it allowed Simon’s extended family to join as well.

At the Park

The city of Leuven has some great locations to take pictures, but due to corona regulations, some of the usual ones required wearing masks at all times. We decided to go to Arenberg Castle in nearby Heverlee, where masks were not required and allowed for better social distancing.


After our original plan for catering fell through (due to covid-related restrictions and costs), we found an almost last-minute spot at the Kloosterhoeve in Rotselaar. It was an excellent decision for the children in particular, who you will not see a lot in the pictures (there was a great playground outside!)