Unstoppable Content Machine



Do I have to post every day on social media? What can I do if I don’t like writing? Why does it feel I need an IT degree to manage all my digital marketing technology?

Sounds familiar?

The Unstoppable Content Machine course helps break down these into step-by-step, easy-to-follow (and very actionable) guides to navigate the world of content marketing to achieve your business’ growth!

The course covers:

Create content strategy campaigns that help you build a following and attract new leads

Build your business' content style guide that supports your effort to produce great content

Understand the technology and tools required to elevate your content and how they integrate

This is course is for you if

✅  You are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to create authentic connections with potential clients

✅  You want to create some amazing content, but you’re not sure where to start or how to approach this.

✅  You are ready to do the work and invest your content creation time smartly and efficiently.

This course is not for you if

❌  You are already killing it in the content marketing game and have absolutely nothing new to learn.

❌. You don’t really see the point of spending your time creating valuable content for your potential clients.

Hello, I’m Paola

Content Strategist l Communicator l Knowledge Enthusiast

My mission is to help you fall in love with creating content and establish connections with potential clients that will enable you to grow your business.

Content marketing is my jam. It is such a fantastic way to market your business by being your authentic self, without falling into the traps of all the digital marketing noise.

I have over 15 years of corporate experience in various industries, and as an entrepreneur myself, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients in technology, travel, coaching, and lifestyle businesses.

My approach to content marketing is simple: I help you, my fellow entrepreneur, find your voice, build a solid foundation for growth, and, most importantly, have fun!

Paola makes the life of an entrepreneur so much better! I would strongly recommend working with Paola if you need help figuring out the ins and outs and details to get your business well marketed! And thanks for the joy you bring to the virtual table!

Shenal Arimilli, BA, MPT

Transformational Consultant

I found your approach to deliver campaigns very inspiring! I immediately took it to a corporate client of mine and proposed integrating it as a trigger/driver for the organization’s leadership communication. The feedback was very positive! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Marc Miletich

Managing Director , Sonovista Management Consulting

Having someone at your side who understands your business quickly and who knows how to actually reach people in these modern times is key to making a difference. Paola is that person!

Edgar Hütte

Founder and Managing Director, Expat Club

Paola’s tips are written in straightforward encouraging language and offer practical experience that will benefit anyone interested in what should or shouldn’t be done to grow a network and business digitally.

David Martin

Public Speaking and Communications Coach

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