Flash Photography not allowed!


Have you ever wondered why some museums prohibit the use of flash? Are they being a*holes about it or is there a legitimate reason for this? I found a perfectly good explanation for this online:

“The flash on your camera generates a small amount of ultra-violet (UV) light. The UV light is a powerful oxidizer that bleaches color out of many materials that are on exhibit (cloth, paint, wood and paper) if given enough exposure time. Electronic flash is essentially the equivalent of sunlight and thus can have the same harmful effect on historic artifacts if used by enough of our visitors.”

This information is courtesy of the US National Park Service website

What do you think? Solid good reason?

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  1. Manuel Anaya

    Buen dato. Siempre me había preguntado porque tenían prohibidos los flashes en los museos pero hasta ahora me desayuno.


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