I help you harness the power of content to create meaningful connections and achieve your business goals!

Adapt your strategy to various business goals

Plan and execute powerful content strategy campaigns aligned with concrete goals, from creating awareness about your business to generating more sales

Speak the language of your ideal client

Craft those key messages that sync with your brand and speaks the language of your ideal client (which will make it easier for them to connect with and buy from you!)

Become an unstoppable content machine

Learn the secrets of content creation with a method that’ll keep the ideas flowing in a seemingly endless stream of exciting content that boosts your visibility

Align the technology to your business needs

From content management systems to email and marketing automation, learn how to make the tools work for you and your specific business needs

I would strongly recommend working with Paola if you need help figuring out the ins and outs and details to get your business well marketed! And thanks for the joy you bring to the virtual table!

Shenal Arimili

Transformational Consultant & Manifestation Mentor

Paola is a very creative person who thinks outside the box to come up with solutions to tricky problems. Her rapid mastery of a complex system was nothing short of phenomenal. This mixture of creativity, problem-solving, and a positive attitude set a great example!

Cindy Hoek

IT Manager, Abbott

Paola’s expert advice will now be next to me whenever I have doubts about what I should be doing on social media to grow my business and network. 

David Martin

Public Speaking & Communications Coach

Every company needs to reach out to its existing and potential future clients. Whether it is content, the creation of social media posts, landing pages, setting up your mailing system (funnels, profiles, APIs), designing and writing newsletter emails, Paola is that person, a real team player that can assist you with so many things! 

Edgar Hütte

Founder and Managing Director, Expat Club

What I rate highly when working together with Paola on creating new marketing content using different formats is how it always comes with a great flow and story. With a good briefing and a good grasp of the target group, she will create something memorable.

Britta Mues-Walter

CEO Mues-Walter Executive Search

Mama is super fun. She can draw very well and her food is delicious


5th Grader

Hello, I’m Paola

My mission is to help you fall in love with creating content and establish connections with potential clients that will enable you to grow your business. Content marketing is my jam. It is such a fantastic way to market your business by being your authentic self, without falling into the traps of all the digital marketing noise. I have over 15 years of corporate experience in various industries, and as an entrepreneur myself, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients in technology, travel, coaching, and lifestyle businesses. My approach to content marketing is simple: I help you, my fellow entrepreneur, find your voice, build a solid foundation for growth, and, most importantly, have fun!

Four lessons from Eurovision to implement a successful content marketing strategy

This year's Eurovision Song Contest is well underway (at the time of publication, we'll probably be some time after semi-final 2) has now concluded and boy, what a ride it was. As a mega fan, I've got my little clipboard ready to award my favorite song 12 points I was...

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What’s the story you tell your potential clients?

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The essential content development apps for every entrepreneur

Technology is one of the essential components of a well-oiled, unstoppable content machine. It elevates your content, it helps you unleash your creativity, and most importantly, it saves you time. But technology can also be daunting. The technology landscape is vast...

Are you doing poke bowl content marketing?

Does your marketing strategy look like a delicious poke bowl? And is that a good thing or a bad thing? Poke, a traditional dish in Hawaiian cuisine, consists primarily of diced fish seasoned with condiments like soy sauce and mixed with other vegetables and spices,...

Successful marketing is like growing carrots

One day, totally out of the blue, I decided I needed to plant vegetables. Not "wanted." I needed to do so.  I need to clarify that my ability to keep a decorative plant alive at this point was non-existent, so deciding to grow food was quite the stretch.  And thus, I...

3 ways to reuse old content into your current content strategy

Old content is not old news. In this post, you learned a method that helps you generate a bunch of new ideas for a solid content strategy that'll support keeping your business visible and relevant. Today we're going to tackle an untapped resource in your content...

5 Steps to Never Run Out of Content to Share

You're ready to start creating awesome content to keep your business relevant in these times, and then it happens: Blank. Nothing. Ok, maybe not that dramatic. Perhaps you come up with two or three ideas and can't go further than that. And even if you have a bunch of...

How to communicate through difficult and divisive times

Words matter more than you think. We're currently living in extraordinary times. Monumental shifts are happening throughout our societies, whether we're talking about the way we consume and interact amidst the COVID-19 crisis or the tipping point to break a system of...

[Case Study] How to turn seasonal into evergreen content

Different crises bring with them different challenges, but they all have one thing common. They all, eventually, pass. That will also be the case with the current coronavirus pandemic, even when it seems to try to "pull a Gandalf" every time we see a slight...

© 2017 - 2020 Paola Campo Santiago

© 2017 - 2020 Paola Campo Santiago