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Should you watch this movie? Is Ryan Reynolds a hunk? Is the sky blue (or greyish is you live in Belgium)?

Hal Jordan is a loose cannon. He is a pilot haunted by the death of his dad. One day he is chosen by a ring whose original bearer crashes on Earth; its source is the power of will from the planet Oa. Other rings like this exist across the Universe in what is know as the Green Lantern Corps, a group of intergalactic soldiers defending the universe from Evil. The most recent foe is Parallax, an evil that uses the power of fear to destroy its victims. Will the Green Lantern Corps destroy this menace? Will young Hal stop being a cocky bastard and embrace his destiny and save the world?

The movie is what a good blockbuster movie should be and it does not fail its promise to provide good wholesome entertainment (plus a couple of explosions, exciting action sequences, and extremely good looking people). Ryan Reynolds in the role of Hal is faithful to the role he basically plays in every single movie he is in: a set of delicious washboard abs with a great sense of humor. Some may find he is really typecasted into this type of role and to those I say, if ain’t broken…
Blake Lively plays a good romantic interest in the role of Carol Ferris a fellow pilot and future heir to the reign of her dad’s company, although I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in the corporate world, at that level, wearing such tight clothing. And if like Ms. Lively they’d had that body, I doubt much work would get done.
The movie visuals are pretty nice (I saw it in good old 2D), and the story, although not extremly compelling, not complex is entertaining enough to enjoy. I’m not a fan of the Green Lantern comics myself, but I dare say most fans would be ok with this one.

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