Captain America: The First Avenger


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Should you watch this movie? It’s a good action movie, entertaining and very fast paced. Sure, it’s worth a watch.

Steve Rogers is nowhere near the ideal profile of an American soldier. At least not physically speaking: he is weak, sickly, and so small even my 10-month old son could knock him out while playing pat-a-cake. But what he lacks in strength he exceeds in goodwill and lots of heart. Plus he has great hair. It is 1941 and WWII is raging and poor Steve is rejected for the Army everytime he tries to enlist. Finally Dr. Eskrine, a German doctor working for the Allies gives him a chance. He get Steve involved in a medical experiment that will forever change the course of the war and Steve’s life!

The entire movie is kick ass and take names kind of approach. Captain America, played by Chris Evans is the stereotypical good hearted American with boyish looks, but incredibly powerful and extremely hot. His performance was great, which has made me forgive him for not only one, but two installments of that crap that was Fantastic 4.
But don’t be fooled by boy hotness here. This is a man’s movie all the way. Explosions, fights, and bullets galore. The arm candy here is the Brit Hayle Atwel in the role of Agent Peggy Carter; she’s hot, she is cool, and she has a mean aim with her little gun (it’s such a girly gun, seriously). Other memorable performances go to Tommy Lee Jones, and Hugo Weaving playing bad guy and resident nazi Johann Schmid. I love this guy, he can really play anything! (in case you are wondering who that is let me do a little name dropping: agent Smith, Elron, V, Megatron)

Enjoyable movie, fun to watch, and not in the least, boring.

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  1. María E

    It was good, nor what i was xpecting. I have a question, is agent Peggy Ironman´s mother?

    Good review.

    Kisses to Baby Oliver, the super hero of my heart (his power, melt everyone with his smile )

  2. Manuel Anaya

    “But what he lacks in strength he exceeds in goodwill and lots of heart. Plus he has great hair. ” 😀 hahaha


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