Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol


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Should you watch this movie? Oh yes, you should. It is an action packed film that will keep ypu entertained from the beginning to the end; stuff happens so often you won’t notice any plot holes and enjoy the over-the-top stunts instead of going, “no way, that cannot be done” (you know of course, such stunts define the laws of science and nature, so of course they can’t be done)

This movie contains all the basic elements of the Mission Impossible franchise. Agents from this government agency called IMF are involved in top-secret, highly sensitive missions; failure to succeed can bring grave consequences (agents being disavowed, the world’s impending doom, you know, your usual worst-case scenario). The team leader is offered the mission, which the agency is kind enough to provide this person the choice of job with “should you decide to accept it”. (I wondered what would happen if the dude would say no. I wondered what would happen if I’d say that to my boss on a task I’m not too keen on). Agents need to have a very good memory as well because the message will always self-destruct in 5 seconds. I’d probably forget some vital details like, “what was the name of that evil dictator we should depose again?” or “where do we need to find the guy?”

Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, the dude who can pretty much do anything from decoding an unbreakable code to rappelling from the tallest building in the world without wrecking his beautifully coiffed mane and ravishing good looks. As usual he has a mission, a team, and things go horribly wrong. New mission arises: save the world, but the agency won’t help you one bit, and if you screw up, we’ll say it’s all your fault. His team includes the gorgeous Paula Patton, whom I’ve only seen in dramatic roles (such as the teacher in Precious), Jeremy Renner (from The Hurt Locker), and my favorite, Simon Pegg who plays his usual funny British “insert job name here”. In this case, he was a funny British techie guy.

I think this movie has been widely successful at the box office and with critics because pretty much everyone thought it would suck big time, so basically, all expectations were exceeded. I mean, another Mission Impossible movie, really? What other scenario are you going to try and milk this time for all it’s worth? Plus, Mr. Cruise kind of lost his credibility with me with some of his off-screen antics. But I have to say, this one dissapointed me in delivering a crazy-man-Cruise-center-of-the-universe-ego-extraordinaire storyand instead proved a lot of fun.

Pay for the movie ticket, get yourself some snacks, and enjoy the show.

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