Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)


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Author: Mindy Kaling

Should you read this book? If you like light-hearted comedy and are no stranger to pop culture news, then this is a book for you

The name may not ring a bell, but you’ll definitely remember Kelly Kapoor from the American version of TV show The Office. Mindy happens to be one of writers of the show, and sometimes, if you ever pay attention to the credits at the beginning of the show, executive producer. Very, very talented lady, so you can expect pure entertainment when you read her book.

The book details the life of Mindy, growing up in a household of professional immigrant parents (from India), thriving in college, and then trying to make a career in writing in New York before her “breakthrough” in Hollywood in The Office. And in between the memoir bits, you get the girly musings of this very funny lady, from her dieting hobby, to her athletic ability (or lack thereof), and of course boys (and how different they are from men, really).

If you are a fan of lighthearted comedy, you will enjoy this book. Some parts are absolutely hilarious; at the very least, you will chuckle, but it will not fail in delivering good old wholesome leisure. A caveat: there are lots of Hollywood and other pop culture references (i.e. talking about famous one name couples such as “Bennifer”, “TomKat”, the the ultimate powercouple “Brangelina”). Sometimes, if you are not a celebrity-tabloid-Perez Hilton-reader type of person (guilty!), you may feel a bit out of the loop. But hey, you can always get familiar with this “knowledge” albeit how frivolous and flimsy it may be.
This is a lady book I totally recommend. Some of my female readers would no doubt have a blast with it. Not to be sexist but I don’t foresee many of my male readers perusing through the pages of the book… Not that you are discouraged from it! By all means… explore!
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