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Should you watch this movie? Yes! This movie will not win an Academy Award, nor be remembered as one of the best comedies of our time. But it is too freaking hilarious! The jokes can be incredibly offensive and sometimes really tacky which is what makes it so insanely fun to watch

John Bennet is a young boy with no friends. One Christmas he gets a great present, a teddy bear who becomes his closest companion. One night he makes a wish for his buddy to come to life and surprise, the wish comes true. His friendship with his teddy bear endures well into John’s adulthood, and in many occasions testing his relationship with his girlfriend Lori. She is a very successful professional while John still works a dead-end job and is still very emotionally immature

At first sight, Ted is this adorable, plushy little teddy bear of every child’s dreams. In reality he is a potty mouth rascal who sounds way too much like Peter Griffin from Family Guy, which of course makes sense since they are both voiced by Seth MacFarlene (who also wrote and directed). If you are familiar with MacFarlene’s credits, then you will be very familiar with his repertoire of jokes as well. Crude and pushing the boundaries, this movie is going to keep you half the time going “no he didn’t”! And if you don’t take yourself (or life in general) too seriously you will be doing a full ROFL on the movie theater.

Mark Whalberg was surprisingly hilarious, not that he doesn’t have the potential to be, but we’ve seen him taking these really serious roles, you know, trying to distance himself as much as possible from his Marky Mark persona. His last semi comedic role was in Date Night, where he didn’t play up the fabulous man child and best friend of Ted he shines on here. And then there is my serious lady crush Mila Kunis, playing Lori, as usual being awesome, although her role was not as prominent as the guys. Not that anyone cares. She is still loved by all, man, woman, child, animal, mineral. I mean, have you seen her?

At the beginning there is a fabulous narration of the story, in the most serious character actor voice possible. It turns out this was provided by none other than Captain Jean-Luc Picard, also known as Professor Charles Xavier, also known as Parrick Stewart. He gets additional points in my badass book just for doing this (sadly this book is rather slim. Most pages have been used in the douchebag book).

For those who want to watch, bear in mind, a lot of pop culture references are made here in this movie, so if you are not too familiar with the world of celebrity, then maybe you should watch E! Entertainment Television for a couple of nights before going. Although judging by the crowd of Belgians in the theater I think they did get most of the jokes, and they didn’t strike me as the E! watching crowd.

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