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It is the 50th Anniversary of Britain’s most famous secret agent, so famous, you don’t even know have to know his first name (but you do anyway). Skyfall is the third installment of the Bond series with Daniel Craig in the lead role. This movie has it all: explosions, chase scenes, shootouts, and Bond’s infamous drinking and womanizing. It is, however; a fantastic film and special in it’s own way.

Should you watch this movie? Absolutely. Every generation has had its series of Bond movies and of James Bond portrayals. Daniel Craig brings his own touch to the character making it raunchy, but still pretty damn cool!

In this movie an attack on MI6 takes place and the culprit is traced back to someone in M’s past. The attack and several other incidents attributed to the same culprit do not put M in a good position with her superiors. It is up to Bond to find the villain and restore order, while have his usual love-hate, almost mother-son relationship with M.

I have a confession to make: I fell asleep during part of the movie. Yes, I know that sounds like it’s not a good movie after all, but it is, I promise. I was tired, that’s all. It didn’t help that the beginning was a bit slow (not the opening scene), but there was a lot of long dialog and silence. But then it picks up and really catches your attention. Daniel Craig is pretty brilliant, of course, and what I really liked about this installment was that he was a bit more willing to put his own issues aside and just get sh*t done, while still maintaining that darkness we got to see in the 2 previous movies. Then we have Dame Judi Dench being bad ass! I adore this woman, really, I think she can just coldly stare down any bad guy with a weapon and just disarm him on the spot. She’s that cold bitch everyone wants to please!

The villain in this movie was Javier Bardem. there should be no question this man knows how to play a bad guy. Well, I think he can play anything really, but it seems when he plays bad guys he has weird hairstyles (remember this?). Another familiar face in the movie was none other than Voldemort himself Ralph Fiennes. He does not play a bad guy, instead he plays Gareth Mallory, Head of Foreign Intelligence for Her Majesty’s Secret Service (can you imagine the business card of that poor guy?). As usual in Bond movies there are Bond girls, but I don’t think they are there long enough to really critique. The obvious one is Berenice Lim Marlohe who plays Severine, a character styled pretty much after Xenia Onatop. Then there’s Naomi Harris (remember Tia Dalma?), who plays field agent Eve, but not an obvious “love interest” throughout the plot.

I feel if I say more I might spoil it, so I will let you check it out. it’s a great movie!

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