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Should you watch this movie? You must. It is a beautiful, and somewhat unexpected story (unless of course you read the 2001 adventure book by Yann Martel in which the movie is based).

This is the story of Piscine Molitor Patel (known as Pi), a 16 year-old Indian boy going by boat to Canada with his family and the animals from the zoo they owned in their home city of Pondicherry. He shipwrecks, loses his family and he’s left stranded on a lifeboat with a bengal tiger. Because having to deal with shipwreck and survival is not hard enough, clearly, so let’s throw in a vicious predator and spice things up! What follows is an unbelievable tale of courage, of hope, and the loss of both of these as well. Because let me tell you, stuff gets rough!

This film was directed by Ang Lee in a way that only Ang Lee can. You can get the level of entertainment you expect from going to the cinema, but with this Ang Lee story you engage with the story and connect with the beauty of each scene. The visuals are outstanding. It doesn’t matter what horrible event is taking place, there is a certain poetry to how Lee delivers the story to the viewers. I can throw in as many superlatives as I can and not come near the fabulousness that is this movie and the story it tells.

One of the surprising aspects of the movie was that despite the incredibly slow pace at which the story develops, not once I lost my engagement with it. In fact it sparked my curiosity even further on what was going to happen next. You know he is going to make it because the begining of the movie is adult Pi Patel telling the story to someone else. But what did he discover? How will such a story make you believe in God? Most of the scenes are in the ocean, on a boat, a tiger called Richard Parker, and Pi Patel. A bit of Cast Away except Richard Parker will at least growl back (volleyballs do not)

Suraj Sharma is a brilliant Pi Patel. He brings such an emotional energy to the film. He is an innocent who will have to learn about real hardship, yet his gentle sould remains unscathed. With this movie it feels the same as it was for Pi Patel when he writes about how the tiger is what’s keeping him alive. Being alert so he doesn’t attack him and taking care of the animal’s needs makes him have something to be busy with. The movie is the tiger and you will in full alert of when a move of these characters is going to make you jump from your seat. And you’ll be busy pondering what will be of each character.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this movie!

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