Django Unchained


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Should you watch this movie? Yes, go, you should really watch this movie! Stop everything you are doing right now and go watch (then come back to read). You can never be dissappointed with Tarantino movies and this one is no exception. It is over the top, mad, and extremely funny with the most wonderful script! Are you still reading? For real? Please just get dressed and go now!

DjangoPart Western and part historical action film (and a whole lotta awesome!), the movie follows Django, a freed slave travelling with a German bounty hunter with the sole purpose of rescuing his wife Broomhilda, whom he lost to the slave trade and is now owned by plantation owner Calvin Candie. By learning the bounty hunting trade, Django learns gets new skills that will allow him to get revenge and his love back.

The movie is set in the Deep South, 2 years before the American Civil war; if know a little bit of history of the area, you know the whole slavery thing was a f***** up situation and it getting more controversial every day. Not a lot of directors can get away with a tale such as this one and still make you laugh. But Tarantino can and will do it in the most extravagant way possible. Spaghetti westerns have never looked this good!

The ensemble cast is simply badass. From Jamie Foxx as Django and Christophe Waltz as Dr. Schultz, the bounty hunter (this man is a legends. You know he is and you can’t deny you both loved and hated this character he played). Leonardo Di Caprio plays a mean Monsier Candie and so does Samuel L. Jackson (the original BAMF) as Stephen. And Kerry Washington is just so gorgeous! This woman can wear a sackof potatoes and still be incredibly beautiful. As usual, Tarantino makes a small cameo where he gets to show his kooky self.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie and I’m pretty sure you will, too. The experience with the script, the story, the performances and the killer soundtrack (which makes you want your life to be going in slow motion on key events with some rocking 70s tune in the background) is highly entertaining and totally Oscar worthy. The movie currently boasts x nominations, including the big one, Best Movie.

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