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Should you watch this movie? Tough one. It is not a movie for everyone. Ithink it is a good movie to have a discussion about pop culture and the influence in society, especially the young. Not because the movie explores that a lot… Plus it’s at times slow and boring. Still interesting though!

20130616-182333.jpgThe movie is inspired in the real events involving a group of California teenagers from priviledged background that burglarized the homes of many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, and Rachel Bilson. They stole around $3.000.000 in cash and belonging, mostly clothes and accessories (including jewelry)

The names of the main characters were changed, I suppose for legal reasons, but they still mirror all the players in the gang and some of their reported personalities. The story itself is based on the Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales called “The Suspects Wore Louboutins”. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the movie scratches the surfaces of the lives of these kids and the robberies they executed. In true Sofia Coppola style, the movie relies heavily on the imagery and the music. Killer soundtrack for sure!

That’s I think the problem with the movie, it is just too superficial. Sure, the real life characters are the embodiement of superficiality, but the story could’ve gone a little bit deeper in the lives of these kids, their background. Instead, you see lots of clubbing scenes and slow motion shots of the perps wearing their best outfits. It only made me want to look as chic as they did.

Only Emma Watson and Leslie Mann were the most known faces in the main cast (we see a bit of Gavin Rossdale though, and cameos by Paris Hilton and Kirsten Dunst). The majority of the kids cast for the gang are Hollywood newcomers. They did a great job in their performance of these shallow, celebrity obssessed individuals. But it is Emma Watson who steals the scene. Hermione Granger is no more people! Her character Nicki Moore was based on Alexis Neiers and it was spot on. Those who watch E! Entertainment may remember a short-lived show called Pretty Wild were Neiers, her two sisters, and insane mom are featured. From the episodes I watched of that show, Watson sounded just like Neiers.

The whole story was pretty interesting in my opinion and provoqued enough tough in me that I found it entertainment. But I don’t think most people would enjoy it on account of its pace.

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