What's not exciting about a royal baby? 10 compelling reasons


After years of speculating about the nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton, months of further speculation about the royal wedding and the dress Kate would wear, and then further speculation about when the couple would proceed to procreate, FINALLY today the royal baby (a boy!) has arrived. The media is all over the news! And why shouldn’t they? It is a momentous occassion (although at times they made it seem like this was the first time in history a British woman would give birth). Here are 10 very strong reason why the frenzy is justified.

    1. Once two good looking, famous people get together and decide to procreate, it is always interesting to stay tuned to what their offspring would look like. Remember Brangelina’s first child?

    Maybe Shiloh could date the little prince. Imagine if they would have babies….whoa!
    (Photo source)

    2. This is not just any baby. This is a royal baby! This child is the rightgeous heir to the throne of one ofthe most notorious and, quite frankly strongest monarquies in the world.

    In other words, what we commoners refer to as “calm the f**k down”
    (Photo source)

    3. To make it even more special, this baby is equal parts royal and commoner. The Kate and William story inspired many because she was just one of us (albeit a wealthier version of us). And this baby is proof of that!

    Indeed, that could’ve been you!
    (Photo source)

    4. Will he get dad’s receding hairline or mom’s shiny chocolate locks? Only time will tell!

    I really hope it’s hers! (Photo source)

    5. Kate’s life in the public eye has been pretty flawless so far, and except for that bout of wingardum leviosa hyperemesis gravidarum (that’s extreme morning sickness), she made pregnancy looked magical. Every woman who’s ever been pregnant wondered what pixie dust and unicorn horn concoction was she given and most importantly, where we could get us some of it next time we get knocked up.

    When I was that far along, I couldn’t wear heels and had cankles (Photo source)

    6. And on that note, everyone now wonders (ok, mostly me, I suppose), did she get an epidural? Did she not need one as her royal uterus was too courteous to cause pain? Did it just humbly expand to make way for the royal heir?

    “…great, and I got a vampire fang c-section…”
    (Photo source)

    7. Other world news are well, sad and depressing. Like, loss of faith in humanity kind, kind of depressing. This is fun, fun, news!

    And the one thing that was supposed to be fun turned out deadly…

    8. The sh*tstorm (for lack of a better word) that is about to ensue between camp “well done, your Highness for delivering a boy on your first time” vs. camp “what does it matter people, it’s 2013, not 1533!”. It’s happening people!

    Sorry Anne Boleyn!
    (Photo source)

    9. We’ll look back and giggle when we remember it wasn’t Facebook or Twitter that gave the news first but the “royal easel”

    That’s how I announce all my parties! (No wonder no one shows up!)
    (Photo source)

    10. This guy… seriously, in the end it’s the commoners that make it all worth reporting!

    He even shaved for the ocassion

    Oh well, we will cherish this time and by tomorrow it’ll be over…. Ha! Yeah right, who am I kidding? The child has not been named yet which means we can expect even more speculation in the days to come….make that years. His every move will be reported and speculated aout until he has kids of his own and the story will repeat itself!

    This is how I imagine the child emerged from Her Majesty’s royal womb


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