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Should you watch this movie? It’s funny and all, but it’s probably one of those you’re best of watching in the comfort of you home…

Meghan Miles finds herself stranded in L.A. With no phone, wallet, or car after a drunken one night stand with a handsome bartender. She roams the streets all night, all while dressed in a skimpy little yellow dress and sky high heels, getting into all sorts of mayhem to be able to get to her job reading the news that’s about to land her a big promotion.

20140605-115104-42664215.jpgRight off the bat I will say, this was a movie that provided a lot of laughs, but it is not necessarily a good movie, really. The first 20 minutes or so were hilarious. Maybe I laughed because I was very tired (work and still recovering from an all week illness), maybe I just needed a break, or maybe, it is actually funny. The remaining parts of the movie still have laughs, but they start winding down steadily. The first time excitement definitely wears off.

Elizabeth Banks plays the unfortunate Meghan Miles, and like in many other movies, she delivers a great comedic performance. 99% of the laughs came from her on-screen shenanighans (the remaining 1% belongs to James Marsden, the handsome bartender in an incident with the above mentioned yellow dress). But funny alone doesn’t quite cut it. The movie focuses on the character going through mishap after mishap after misshap that I think at some point the director may have gone, “oh crap! We are running out of time! Better resolve this plotline stat!”

Should you decide to watch this movie you will probably laugh and be entertained, but you are definitely watching no masterpiece here. Better luck next time, Banks!

Bechdel Test: Pass
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it yes, Meghan’s friends which I don’t remember their names. One is your stereotypical angry, sexually liberated best friend and the other plays the stereotypical dumb slutty friend.
2. Who talk to each other they do lots of things together in the first 10 minutes of the movie, like drinking and dancing, and yes, talking. Afterwards, their interaction decreases (because our protagonist is lost, remember?)
3. About something besides a man There is some man talk, but there is also a lot of work-related discussion, especially around Meghan’s job and promotion.

Does it matter? the good news is the movie has a female lead and the movie revolves around her for most of the movie. The bad news is, said female lead spends most of the movie trying to convince the cartoonish “ethnic” characters she encounter she is no whore. Indeed, not a feminist triumph here.

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