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Should you watch this movie? This is one of those you watch to laugh till you drop. It is silly and if you liked the first one, you’ll like this one, too!

Officers Schmidt and Jenko are back at it again, this time they go deep undercover at a local college to investigate and find the supplier of a new drug making the rounds, sort of like in the first movie. Jenko joins the football team and hits it off with a fellow teammate, while Schmidt hangs out with some art students. They find themselves, not only having trouble cracking the case, but also keeping their partnership (and friendship) unstrained.

20140721-164947-60587067.jpgWhat you’ll get in this movie is the kind of humor that’s quite silly and very pop culture driven. If that is not your kind of humor either you’re too sofisticated or you have no sense of humor. Although no cinematic masterpiece, the film contains great dialog and very steady pace of comedy and action which will be entertaining all the way. Channing Tatum, although incredibly gorgeous has never been a favorite of mine, but I really dig him after this movie. Jonah Hill remains a solid performance. I dig him, too, but I guess I like him for his personality more than anything. You know what I mean. **wink wink**

The film also has performances by Ice Cube, reprising his role as Captain Dickson; Peter Stormare as The Ghost, Amber Stevens as Maya and Wyatt Russell (actor Kurt Russel’s son!) as Zook, the new bromance partner of Tatum’s Jenko. Caroline Aaron also reprised her role as Schmidt’s mom but was seen briefly. Same for Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters and Dave Franco as Eric. There were a couple of big names in roles that felt more like cameos due to how short they were on screen: Queen Latifah as Mrs. Dickson, Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy, and Patton Oswald as an MC State professor. The real cameos though, are pretty cool: Richard Griecco and Dustin Nguyen of the 21 Jump Street T.V. series, Seth Rogen, Ana Faris, and Bill Hader.

Bechdel Test: Pass… I think
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it There are a couple of named women with various degrees of on screen time. Amber Stevens as Maya, Jillian Bell as Mercedes are the most prominent. Caroline Aaron as Schmidt’s mom and Queen Latifah as Maya’s mom are there a tiny bit.
2. Who talk to each other There is some talk between the ladies, but usually around other characters
3. About something besides a man Again, not a lot, but there are a couple of non man-talking instances.

Does it matter? Honestly, no. This is all about the bromance between the main characters. If you don’t mind that, then you’re good

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