Hey! You made it!


I’m so glad you could come over! This is the first ever post of The Paola Campo Report and with your support, many more posts will follow. So, let’s get started, shall we?
Since you already know my name, let me tell you a little bit more about what you’ll find in this blog. The premise is very, very simple: I try stuff then report back to you! Some people like reviewing movies, books, beauty products, you name it, it’s out there.  I’m a big fan of variety, so I really do not want to be pigeon-holed into a single topic.  That means you will find the usual reviews of mainstream stuff, but I’ll also tackle more unusual stuff. Hopefully all these reports and experiences together with my passion for writing will translate into fun pieces you will enjoy reading.  
This blog will also do reviews in the framework of “projects”; these are things I’m currently working on or planning to start soon. Being that I live in a foreign country trying to balance my career with being a new mom and still keep my somewhat debatable sanity in check, the possibilities for shenanigans are endless! And like I said before, the point of this space is to provide good old wholesome entertainment!
I look forward to all your comments and feedback.  You can use the Comments link on each post or you can also use the Contact link available in the menu if you want to send me some suggestions of stuff you’d like me to review.
Well then, to wrap it up: Thank you and come again!


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