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What if all the stuff you have in your computer actually dwells in a virtual universe where each piece of software is an entity like you and I and interacting with each other much like humans do in the real world (of course in their own digital way that is)? Imagine that, add some pretty impressive audio and visual effects and you have the idea of TRON.
The TRON Franchise started in 1982 with the movie TRON, which became a cult classic, followed by a series of video games, a comic series and finally in 2010 a sequel of the movie called TRON legacy (more games and even a TV series have followed since) I finally got the chance to watch both movies, I have surprisingly, being the geek that I am, never watched the first one. I decided before watching the latest one, I should the original. I recommend you watch the first one before, just because it gives you a better perspective over the overall plot line. I also think it gives you a better appreciation of the franchise, but I do believe the latest installment is “watchable” without having previously watch the original. There a lot of elements to love. So here’s my double review.

TRON (1982 Film)

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Should you watch this movie? Yes, especially if you are a geek. It’s a must It is a little hard to say this movie is great after the pretty impressive visual effects of today’s movies, however; keep in mind this was 1982 when the hi-tech stuff was Pong and Pac-Man. If you are familiar with Jeff Bridges recent body of work, you’ll find his Flynn is quite a departure from the scruffy (both litherally and metaphorically) character we are all used to. The movie is intense and fast-paced, which will make you forget the plotline is a bit weak and not necessarly groundbreaking.

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TRON Legacy (2010 film)

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Should you watch this movie? Sure, especially if you watched the 1982 movie.

If you did watch the 1982 and complained about the lack of heart of the storyline, then this version will appeal to you. If you are like me and you feel some movies need to adhere to a strict Vulcan approach (emotionless and to the point), then you’ll find this storyline a bit cheesy and sometimes bordering on ridiculous. But there are good news: audiovisually, this movie is AMAZING! You’ll be impressed and again like in the 1982 film, you’ll overlook plot shortcomings. The music is great, and I expected no less since the score was from Daft Punk. This movie also got an Oscar nomination for sound editing. I stumbled upon a review of this movie that compared Jeff Bridge’s Flynn to a cybernetic zen version of The Dude I fully agree. Garett Hedlund’s Sam was pretty blah, nothing good, nothing bad to say. Olivia Wilde in the role of Quorra did a good job in portraying a sexy, kick-ass heroine, with a touch of girl next-door. So overall, TRON Legacy is an enjoyable movie if you are not that picky when it comes to storyline and in return it’ll blow your mind with amazing special effects to the beat of some very cool music.

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