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A group of kids spend their summer playing roles in their friend’s Super 8 movie, a zombie movie. During the filming of one scene at a nearby train station, the kids witness a catastrophic accident when a car drives into the train tracks and causes the massive derailment of the train. But that is not all. After the crash stops and the kids all find themselves ok, something starts shaking. We suddendly see there is something in one of the wagons trying to escape. Something big enough to send the metal door flying through the sky. What is this?

Like most JJ Abrams movies, the trailer doesn’t tell us much, only based on the size of the wagon and the door flying through the air, we may be dealing with a monster here. Throughout the movie, Abrams does not disappoint in keeping the whole monster thing shrouded in mystery, but still delivering a powerful and entertaining story we can all enjoy. The movie focuses as much on the action and special effects as much as on the dialog and the characters. It is easy to connect with these kids as much as it is awesome to watch that unbelievable crash scene!

I don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil it. You should really watch! Great movie!

Note: It may have kids as actors, but I’m not sure how many kids should actually watch this movie. Some of the scenes are pretty mature for a young audience, not to mention some of the scary parts!

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