Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2


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Should you watch? Yes. If you have followed every step of the boy wizard throughout the years, even more!

The final installment of the Harry Potter story, delivers the action you may have missed in Deadly Hallows Part 1 and a proper farewell to the story that made us wish there would be such a place as Hogwarts. I think I would’ve thrived in that school!

The story picks up were we left off in DH1 in the search for the remaining horcruxes. Ron, Hermione, and Harry continue their journey finding these horcruxes this time with a bit more action packed scenes: breaking into a bank, flying on an uncooperative dragon, and returning to Hogwarts were the final battle ensues!
The special effects are phenomenal and the emotion of the story also comes true. One wishes none of the innocent would need to sacrifice their lives in the persuit of freedom and for the bad guys to be swiftly defeated. I felt a couple of tears rolling down my cheek. Not because the scenes were moving (Maggie Smith’s proffesor McGonagall somehow manages to make me all weepy when she delivers her lines in this movie), but because it is the end of an era, probably just as big as when the final installment of the book came out and there’d be no more spells, no more Harry, Ron, and Hermione, no more wizardy school of magic. I read some comments on Twitter when the movie premiered how some actually grew up with Harry Potter. How true!
Look forward to my kid to be old enough to introduce him to the land of magic delivered in these series.

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