Should you get this product? Absolutely! Especially if you are one of those freaks like me who cannot put down your iPad, iPad 2 or Kindle down!

This case has been quoted as “the Rolls Royce if iPad cases”, featured in many tech blogs and even got a shoutout in GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous newsletter. Now, what is so special about this case? Let’s begin with the technical details.

The case is made to resemble a book, one “constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques”. Interestingly enough, this product is handmade in San Francisco, US (interesting because most products these days are manufactured somewhere in Asia) The materials used are black Moroccan cloth for the binding and the tray where the iPad or other device is placed is made of bamboo (nice, eco-friendly choice). The cover has magnets, so similar to an iPad smart cover, it will lock the device.

This case is great for those of you who feel other cases out there always seem to lack protection to one angle to the device (e.g. The iPad’s smart cover definitely protects the front, but not the back). The DODO Case will fully protect your device, the bamboo tray is pretty sturdy, yet lightweight to carry around with you. Other cases out there providing full coverage are either not strong enough or work more as a sleeve, which means you have to take the device out of the sleeve (I personally don’t like doing that, and you’ll see why in the next paragraph).

Another huge plus of this case is the concealment aspect. It looks like a book, so to use your iPad, you just open the cover like a cover and it’s ready to use! It’s a very minor “anti-theft” system, so to speak! Well, I commute by train everyday, and with the sleeve I used to have and/or the smart cover, it was pretty obvious I have an iPad (that bright Apple logo is a dead giveaway!). With other cases that do hide the logo, it is still pretty obviousyou carry some sort of tablet. Looking at the DODO case from the back there is no way you can tell it’s an iPad.

The two minus points of the DODO Case are, first, the case cover the back camera, so if you want to take pictures using this, you’ll have to take the iPad out of the case. Second, there is no transparent screen/film on the front, so if you want you give your screen extra protection from scratches while you use (when not using, of course, the cover will do the job), you will need to get an extra one for a small price (the case’s website offers one). For some, one turn off can be the price. As you can expect from a Rolls Royce, the DODO Case does not come cheap.

The standard model is and you can personalize it with a monogram for an extra This model is always black, but you can choose the color of the cover backing. Mine is bright red, which I love becaouse it gives it an old book vibe. If you want something flashier, there are a couple of models that retail at whick have a pattern backing, designed by artists such as:

“Dreamy Clouds” design by Anita Ivancenko

“Random Monsters” design by Armelle Garcia

“The Woods” design by Darel Seow

This model pictured below (also retailing at ) is the Morris Lessmore DODO Case, a special edition case based on The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Higher on the price scale, the following models are available at

The “Ork case”, created by Jenny Beorkrem, graphic designer behind Ork Posters

Case designed by San Francisco artist Rex Ray

Paola’s mood after using this product:

I’m still using it! So I guess I’m perpetually happy!

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  1. ericschaef

    I chose Portenzo over Dodo, and this is why……
    Portenzo gives you the option of a camera hole
    Portenzo has more custom options to choose from
    AND Portenzo has better reviews
    AND a much higher quality product. I recommend checking them out. They are eco friendly as well.


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