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Should you watch this movie? let me ask you first: Is the sky blue (or grey if you live in Belgium)? Does the sun shine (or hides behind a horrible, horrible grey cloud if you live in Belgium)? Is my new haircut absolutely adorable? The answers to all those questions is YES.

One action movie based on a comic can be a lot of fun. One action movie based on several characters from several comics, played by incredibly delicious actors and special effects that will make you scream woooohoo throughout the entire film, well…. That is simply AWESOME!

A team of super heroes comes together to save the Earth from its latest foe, Loki (from Thor) and it’s going to be one hell of a battle! Captain America, Tony Stark’s Ironman, Thor, Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter-ego the Hulk join forces with S.H.I.E.L.D agents Barton and Natasha Romanoff to stop Loki from using the Tesserac, an object that could allow a portal to be opened and bring all sorts of evil to Earth.

This movie is clearly not your arthouse movie that will be critically acclaimed and earn all sorts of accolades from the industry, and let’s face it, it will not be nominated for a Best Movie Academy Award (although, maybe it should. Or at least in the “badass” category). The special effects are great, the pace of the movie is just super energetic and keep your heart pumping…but the real deal here is the characters.

Every single character is hot, hot, hot, while bringing its own special thing to it. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is just the best. But then I love RDJ sooo much. He can be a wrinkled old man and I will always think he is one of the hottest men out there. He’s got the right combination of looks and wits….aaaaah. Sorry, gotta wipe off some drool off of my screen. Sadly, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor keeps his shirt on the entire movie which is probably one of the biggest injustices ever. His role was not as prominent, even though the bad guy was his stepbrother Loki (brilliantly played by Tom Hiddleston, who has this devilishly charm you can kind of love).

And putting all bald and balding men out there to shame is Chris Evans’ Captain America with his shiny coiff and patriotic bravado. If you are American, you should stand now and sing the national anthem. And as far as epic skill and prominent muscle, Jeremy Renner’s agent Barton (Hawkeye) has it and has it gooood. And of course, how can we talk hot and not mention Miss Scarlet Johansson’s agent Romanoff (Black Widow). I’m not into girls, but if I have a massive girl crush on this sexy lady. Straight girls out there would totally agree.

One surprisignly good role here was Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / the Hulk. He played an understated, remarkably zen Dr. Banner, but at the same time conflicted and concern for his alter ego. Hopefully the sequel doesn’t change this character. I think Hollywood has seen way too many actors playing the Hulk (remember Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana, Edward Norton). And finally, the leader of the gang, the grandaddy of badass, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. Enough said.

Bottom line is: go watch it.

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