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Should you watch this movie? I think it is a beautiful, powerful story and I can confidently say “yes, watch it”. Bear in mind though, usually drama + comedy = chick flick, so some of you guys may want to steer clear of it. But alas, some of you may be forced to go watch it and to you I say, it won’t be a terrible experience and you may even like it.

Imagine this scenario: you meet a fabulous person you fall madly in love with. This person is the love of your life and you decide to get married. After a year and half of wedded bliss you both get into an accident and end up in the hospital with your partner in a coma. When finally he/she wakes up, your partner has no recollection of you, nor your life together. I don’t care if you are straight, gay, married, co-habiting, or even single, you have to admit, that scenario sounds pretty terrifying! To top this, the plot is not some crazy Hollywood invention, but actually based on a true story!

Starring Rachel MacAdams as Paige, an artistic free spirit, and Channing Tatum as Leo, a musician who owns a recording studio. The movie follows Leo’s attempts to help his wife Paige to remember their lives and love for each other and without too much melodrama. The big star of it all is Leo, who tries really hard to win her heart again, hoping that will jolt her memories back!

I thought it was pretty hilarious that MacAdams was cast in this movie. In case you don’t know, she was also in the movie The Notebook where her character is also dealing with some memory loss issues (of a different kind though). So she is now the poster girl for romantic dramas everywhere, especially the ones with this unbelievable sad, sometimes even implausible plots (remember The Time Traveler’s Wife?

The majority of the awww moments go to Channing Tatum. This is why I think guys would appreciate this movie, because if you dudes have ever been in love, you can probably empathize with the Leo’s struggle to get his wife back and watch his whole life take a spin. For women everywhere, it goes without saying why he is so great to look at… And lucky for us, he shows the goods quite often!

Although critics have panned the movie, I liked it and would recommend it. Also, after you watch, check out the real life story of the couple this movie was inspired by, Krickitt and Kim Carpenter

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