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Should you watch this movie? Meh! Watch it on TV. I would not waste the movie ticket to be honest.

Snow (played by Guy Pearce) is some sort of agent who claims to be wrongfully accussed of conspiracy. He is then offered a deal: The daughter of the President of the United States (played by Maggie Grace) is held hostage by a gang of rioting prisioners from a space prision where they were held in some sort of suspended sleep (the called it stasis in the movie). I mean, sleeping violent inmates in outer space, relying on technology never going wrong to stay in their peaceful slumbers. Who wouldn’t go visit? What could go wrong?

The character Pearce plays is pretty funny and tries his absolute best from salvaging this movie. He is a bit of a John McClane from outer space. But in the end, it’s cliched, all the way. The prisioners played a pretty convincing role, but until I saw the credits, they didn’t even had names. There was no backstory to these bad guys, not even a tiny, tiny one, except some of them were related.

Then there’s Emily, the president’s daughter. When the actress played Shannon in the TV series Lost, I completely disliked her. She was just too whiny. In this movie, she tries her best to keep a serious face, but most of the times her face is one that is about to burst into tears and cry “it’s not fair”, like a 5 year old. Or maybe the face of a constipated person desperately trying to take a dump.

In the end, you know it all ends well. The movie is not boring, I think the action scenes were exciting enough, most of the actors played good parts (except poop lady above), and you can have a fairly enjoyable experience. It even has its own twist I did not see coming. But for the most part it’s predictable and I although not horrible, I don’t think this one deserves a full smiley face.

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