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Should you watch this movie? X years later they are back and still make it look cool (reference to the first movie, in case you didn’t know). So yes, go watch, it’s good!

Agents J and K are back! As usual, the Men in Black are still an outside of the government agency dealing with extraterrestrials from all over the universe, ensuring Earth as a neutral zone. Once again, the earth is in danger and some catastophic event is about to be unleashed. This time it is up to Agent J to travel back in time to 1969 and teaming up with a younger Agent K to avoid this impending doom.

The same actors reprise their roles: Will Smith’s Agent J is still impetuous, funny, and totally oozing cool. Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K continues with his surly personality, cranky old timer with a heart of gold, and also extremely cool in a badass kind of way. Some new faces grace this film such as Emma Thompson as Agent O and his younger 1969 self played by Alice Eve, and Jemaine Clement as the villain Boris the Animal. The one who steals the show however is Josh Brolin, as a young 1969 agent K.

Just looking at the poster easily fools you. Brolin and Jones could easily be related! The acting, however, is what seals it. You can truly believe you are looking at a younger Tommy Lee Jones! Both exhude good ol’ Texas charm (Brolin is actually Californian, but his mother is Texan) and play their surly ways just fine. Brolin goes beyond playing an exact copy of Jones’ Agent K and adds a little youth and a laid back attitude of a man of his age.

When it comes to the storyline, you’ll find the plot chosen for this third installment is in no way congruent with the previous one (the second one wasn’t really congruent with the first one, either), but it is solid enough and stands on its own. Some critics are even calling it better than its predecessor. The truth is, probably going into a completely different direction from the second one, keeping nice and simple with less gimmicky characters is what really help it. It would’ve been nice to have seen Frank the Pug, but alien or not, it’d be hard to justify a 15+ year-old dog.

The special effects, as usal are great, although this one has less crazy stuff on focuses more on the characters themselves. Lots of makeup and prosthetic madness as usual, you know, having to create all of these alien looks. This movie was in 3D which I did not find particularly necessary… It does not suck, but it doesn’t add much value either.

Overall this is a movie that’s tons of funand can certainly recommend to go to the movies to watch. Worth the ticket, and add on some pop-corn to the tab as well.

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    I will take your word on this one, but if I don't like it, I am sending you the bill (including the popcorn) 😛


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