Snow White and the Huntsman


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Should you watch this movie? You know what? I’m not sure what my opinion is on this one. Clearly, it is not awesome, but it’s not horrible either…. Ok, read along and you decide. If you decide to watch it, come back and leave your 2 cents. Here are mine:

A kingdom, lead by a super happy royal happy family (mama, papa, and cute little girl), live in complete joy and prosperity. Then the Queen dies, the King grieves, and the little princess Snow White cries. That is until the King meets a ravishing blonde called Ravenna who marries him, kills him, and takes over the kingdom. Snow White is locked in the Tower, the kingdom whithers and Ravenna devilishly rules. Then Snow White grows up into Kristen Stewart, escapes and shockes others who thought her dead and a Huntsman is hired to get her back to the evil Queen who needs her heart ASAP. And the battle to take back the kingdom from the evil blonde begins.

Ok, so this year we’ve seen two Snow White movies a serious one and a funny one. Makes you wonder whether creativity is running out on those Hollywood screenwriters, or their fees are too massive for original story writing, but I digress. This one is the serious one as you can probably tell by the plot summary above (even though I bet you think it’s mildly hilarious). With Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron, blockbuster Twilight’s sweetheart Kristen Stewart, and easy on the eyes, washboard abs Christ Hemsworth (this delicious superhero), one would think this would be a sure fire hit. But it is not so simple.
Ms. Stewart dazzles us with her interpretation of a troubled Snow White where she once again portrays all spectrum of constipated human emotion. Please someone give this girl prune juice. I’ve come to the conclusion she is indeed a good actress who’s sadly been typecasted into these conflicted and tormented roles. In all fairness, Snow White could not have been portrayed differently, after all, we are dealing with a struggle between good and evil and this girl has suffered like you have no idea! Maybe a couple of smiles here and there where the script called for them would’ve help Kristen’s case. Oh, well.

And speaking of evil, Charlize Theron’s Queen Ravenna is just raving awesome. Maybe too awesome that is over the top. She playes a truly deranged witch, obsessed with darkness and immortality. But again, one can be a truly gifted performer, but you really need something to support your fantastic acting for your flick to be acclaimed. Sadly, I don’t think the plot, mor the cast is strong enough to balance off her performance. That’s why some critics consider her performance over the top. Or in desperate need of anger management therapy and muscle relaxants.

One of my biggest grievances about this movie is the Huntsman. When having Thor himself playing a character in a movie it must be mandatory to have at the very least one 5 minute shirtless scene. I am very sad and dissapointed to note this man remains fully clothed during the entire movie. There is a glimpse of chest, but it is not the pretties as it is an unsightly wound cleaning process. Very sad. What a waste of flesh!

Notable performances come from the dwarves who are played by quite some notable British actors (Ian MacShane, Eddie Izzard, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, and the one and only Bob Hoskins) I’m surprised the press has not picked up more on the fabulous performance these guys delivered, altough I did see some critics praise on their great job.

To conclude, I don’t know what to conclude. Confering with my husband who watched this movie with me, he also said he did not know how he felt about it, so I’m sure there’s gotta be more than us who feel this way. So take a risk, watch and come back and let me know: what did you like? What did you not like?

Paola’s mood after watching this movie?


  1. Paula

    I actually liked the movie. But not enough to recommend… It has beautiful photography and a really good score. Acting was all on the evil queen. Overall all the good thing fall flat with a poor plot…so there. But Hollywood is Hollywood and a second one is coming, it like official now.

  2. Anonymous

    I was hoping for a feisty Snow White and a polifacetic queen, instead I almost fall asleep during the whole movie just to recover a little by the end. The highlight of the movie his greatness the huntsman (YUMMY!). My advice would be to stream it.. don't pay the ticket or the rent fee is not worth it!



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