Beyond Office Politics


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Author: Linda Sommer (full disclosure: I actually know the author, but that did not affect my opinion of the book!)

Should you read this book? Yes. A lot of people wonder what they’re doing wrong at their workplace that is not getting them ahead in the career ladder. Others get quickly fed up by the politics at play. This book addresses many of these topics and many others, making it a business essential.

The book follows the story of Don, a senior manager at BioWidgets who’s been dealing with some issues at his workplace brought on by his “blind spots” in terms of his own personal image, as well as the way the game is played in his business. With the help of his coach Joe, Don understand all the dynamics at play and how they have affected his career. The lessons learned in the story are also very useful for the readers of this book!

From a content point of view, the story of Don and his relationships with managers and peers in the company BioWidgets explains the different key concepts of how office politics play and how to get the best out of each potential situation. The author, Linda Sommer, chose a very nice approach to take us through these concepts by using Don’s story, as it is a very relatable tale, but most importantly, it is clear, concise, and can provide great insight for the reader’s own situation. The book is organized very nicely in chapters that have a concrete learning point, easily browsed via the table of contents.

One of the many great things about this book, since I got the Kindle edition, is the ease of navigation. At the end of each chapter there is a link with coach notes which takes you to a summary / review section of the key concepts from the chapter. I found this section particularly useful to make annotations, usually I make them all over the book, but I found myself annotating everything in the coach notes! I’m sure paperback readers can get the same benefits, they would just need good old-fashioned page swapping!

Overall, I really liked this book and can fully recommend to have in one’s library. This is definitely one you want to read more than once!

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