Gone Girl: A Novel


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Author: Gillian Flynn

Should you read this book? When I started reading this book, I just could not put it down, but I had to sleep, so eventually I did! However, it only took me 2 and a half days to complete. That’s how freaking interesting and captivating the story is! Certainly, I can recommend you read it!

It is the morning of Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary, a couple living in North Carthage, Missouri. As preparation for the day move along, Nick’s beautiful wife vanishes. What comes next is a web of lies and deceit in the investigation for Nick’s missing wife. The police, the media, and close friends and family are bombarded with the mystery and few known facts of this crime and wonder, did Nick Dunne kill his wife? And as tthe story progresses we learn more from the couple’s personalities and wonder, what happened here?

This was an incredible story to read and I’m glad I followed the recommendation of the person who mentioned this book. Chapter by chapter you think you know where the story is going, and then something happens to completely surprise you and shatter what you think you know! I really cannot say more because I far I may reveal too much and it would be a pity, for it is a very entertaining story that, as I mentioned before, I could not stop reading! The book is a thriller, narrating every instance of the lives of the people involved in the disappearance of Nick Dunne’s wife, the latter a protagonist in her own right. We learned about their lives as the story unfolds.

The writing style is ver clear and concise, no sofisticated, nor overly elaborate language that can make this a dense read. It is simple to follow and descriptive enough that you will get a feel for the characters and places in the stories. You can picture Amy Elliot Dunne, her parents and her husband Nick very well as you read along and you can even sense the type of place they live in and The Bar, a place run by Nick and his sister Margo. Some books with overly descriptive plots can be super boring, not this one.

One of the downsides critics have complained about the story is the ending, and with very good reason. As story (whether in book or movie form) can be easily ruined by a bad ending. For the particular story I did not find the ending bad at all. But if you compare the captivating storyline with that of lighting the fuse of a bomb, you would expect the ending would be a massive kaboom! But it wasn’t. It was a pretty WTF ending, but I cannot imagine it any other way (by that I don’t mean it had to end that way, I’m just saying I have no freaking clue, nor creative juice, like the author to concoct such and ending that would just blow your mind!)

I recommend this read and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the suspense of it. If you do read, make sure you comment and tell me what you thought!

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