The Amazing Spiderman


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Should you watch this movie? Yes, it is a great re-vamp of a not so old Spiderman story full of action and depth. The actors do a pretty good job in their performances and the movie in general provides an rather enjoyable experience.

Because there seems to be scarcity of good stories in Hollywood (or willingness to take risks on new stories), here we have a brand new Spiderman, a re-write of a story that just had three quite successful films (box-office wise) in 20022004, and 2007. Taking a cue from the success of the Batman series directed by Christophe Nolan, The Amazing Spiderman follows the story of Peter Parker and his evolution from teenage nerd to superpowered vigilante. And slightly truer to the original comic book story, Peter’s love interest is not redhead Mary Jane Watson, like in the previous stories, but blonde fellow schoolmate Gwen Stacy.

Compared to the previous installments of the Spiderman saga, I have to say this reboot is far superior. Not that the previous stories were bad, but it emphasizes more on the comic book antics, special effects and overall “show” and less on the emotion of the story. But don’t think for a minute this movie is all emotion and no excitement. This is a very fast paced and entertaining, I just found the acting was a lot more compelling and say “believable” of real characters, not so many dumb catchy frases!

Andrew Garfield in the role of Peter Parker was phenomenal! He is so freaking adorable and badass at the same time! Pairing him with Emma Stone, who plays his love interest, Ms. Gwen Stacy was a terrific idea! The chemistry between the two was so incredible, it has even gone beyond fiction, as they actually became a couple after this movie (or during…not sure). The rest of the cast was equally great, and it can get any greater than the actors portraying uncle Ben and aunt May: Martin Sheen and Sally Fields. The former delivers a very emotional performance, the latter, as usual fab, I’d only wish she’d had more screen time.

One thing about this movie is that, although it provides a resolution to the story at hand, it still leaves room for sequels. I think it’s great to get satisfaction of the way the story is closed, but at the same time hoping for an extended storyline! Not sure if this is going to happen with this movie. Let’s hope so! By the comic books story we know there is plenty of plot to last us several installments!*

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*Turns out, there will be at least 2 sequels, the next will come out in 2014


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