The Five-Year Engagement


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Should you watch this movie? Well, sure, but I would wait until it’s on TV or on pay-per-view or something like that. I thought the movie was nice and fun, had some serious comedic moments, but I didn’t really “feel it”.

After dating a little over one year, Tom proposes to his girlfriend Violet. A series of circumstances delays their wedding plans, including a job offer for Violet that requires moving to Michigan. Tom quits his high potential job as a sous-chef and follows her. And what was supposed to be a short stint in Michigan ends up being a longer term opportunity and different events cause Tom and Violet to postpone their wedding over and over again. And of course a lot of hilarity ensues throughtout the movie…

First of all, Jason Segel (playing Tom) and Emily Blunt (playing Violet) have the most amazing chemistry ever. It is one of those on-screen couples you can totally picture taking their relationship off-screen as well (but alas, that’s not the case. The former is currently dating actress Michelle Williams, the latter is married to John Krasinski, of The Office). The movie starts off amazingly with what’s usually the end of most romantic comedies. A beautiful proposal, an engagement party with the usual character shenanigans, and so on, and so on.
But as the plot line goes along, the film starts feeling, like it’s title, takes 5 freaking years! It is so slow I felt bored at times. You will not be dissappointed by some crazy Judd Apatow moments (he produced) that have you in stitches laughing, but for the rest, the story draaaaaags on at an almost glacial pace. And that truly sucked because I really wanted to love the movie.

The dialog is still great, the movie premise is really nice, but I found it lacking and it’s truly hard to pinpoint what exactly was wrong with it. In other words, wait until it’s on TV as I said before.

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