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Should you watch this movie? Yes, if you are interested in well written, compelling stories. This is not the type of movie you watch for the action scenes. Although a police thriller, this movie explores the partnership between officers and the crimes they fight for.

The movie tells the story of the typical work day for LAPD agents Taylor and Zavala, from their point of view. The agents carry a camera at all time during their patrols in South Central Los Angeles and document their lives, the places they go to, crimes they need to investigate and other agents they work with (one which really hates when they film). The duo begins uncovers a series of crimes and associated criminals related to the Mexican drug cartels, which gets them marked for death.

Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña play the lead roles as agents Taylor and Zavala respectively and their friendship chemistry is fantastic. These guys can actually make you believe they are more than co-workers, but actual lifelong friends. They are commited to their jobs as well as each other as partners. They share their personal moments, joke around, but they all kick some serious ass as well as saving lives.

Format of this movie is in the handheld camera style, after the story does involve the agents carrying cameras to document their days. A lot of movies in this style can be a bit annoying, but this one helps you connect with the characters and involve you in the story in a more significant way. Additional performances by America Ferrera and Anna Kendrick, albeit short, add to this superb film, directed by David Ayer.

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