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I had very few expectations about this movie, but turns out it was really, really cool. This is your typical action flick, but with a very good story to back it up. This is already reason enough to give it two thumbs up. Add to that a little bit of sci-fi to feed your inner nerd and we got a pretty cool film on our hands!

Should you watch this movie? The answer is a resounding YES.

By the year 2074 time travel will have been invented, but will be considered illegal and only available in the black market. Crime bosses use time travel to get rid of their targets; they send these 30 years back in time when a hired assassin, commonly known as “looper” will take care of the job. Joe is one of these loopers, doing his job until one day the crime boss decides to “close the loop” by sending future Joe back to the past to be killed.

The time travel thing is always a tricky bot, but Looper does it great! I watched this movie before I did this visualization exercise and I also wanted to imagine what it would be like to talk to my future self if we casually got together for lunch:

Current Paola: Hey Future Paola, you look good
Future Paola: I know
Current Paola: uhmm, ok. It seems you are a loooot more confident now. So, shall I tell you something about my day?
Future Paola: whatever you decide to tell me, I probably already know it
Current Paola: Geez Future Paola, you’re kind of a bitch
Future Paola: No, not really, I’m actually quite charming
Current Paola: And humble….
Future Paola: Don’t forget I’m you, babe. You are also charming
Current Paola: Why, thank you! I see what you mean with the charming thing!

Luckily in my visualization exercise the conversation was a lot more meaningful. The movie is not about conversation, of course. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the young Joe and he is really good at conveying the same energy and emotion as his older self, played by Bruce Willis. Both actors do a great job, but the real kudos go to Gordon-Levitt. Not that Bruce Willis is bad, but you can imagine him in a similar role for sure. Although you have to giving props for keeping a straight face while wearing some of the wigs he sports in the film!

The story is smartly written and directed. There were no obvious plot holes and the entire movie will keep you on the edge trying to guess what is happening. And just when you think the story is about these characters, then the plot changes to show you it was about something else. That’s as far as I can say without spoiling the movie. The film also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo, and Jeff Daniels.

If you haven’t go watch it!

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