The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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Should you watch this movie? Yes. It is a great coming-of-age film that will take you back to your high school experience regardless of how much it resembles (or not) the character’s. Based on the book by the same name written by Stephen Chbosky, this movie has great performance and killer soundtrack. It’s not your typical school kids movie; it’s a drama that explores the pains of growing and finding yourself.

Charlie is an introverted high school freshman who has trouble making friends and is battling his own inner demons. He is helped through these awkward first days by his love of books, writing, and his English teacher, who seems to be he only person he’s been able to make a connection with. Charlie then meets two seniors, Sam and Patrick who take him under their wings. The friendship will not only help Charlie meet a whole new world, but to discover things about himself and his past he was unable to comprehend.

I love this movie, but it’s difficult to watch. It is very easy to fall in love with the characters, so when they suffer, you can relate and hope they didn’t have to go through what they do. Most of it involved the typical stuff you go through as a teenager: love, heartbreak, trying desperately to fit in, hiding your true self from the world, anger, despair. You remember those days? When the tiniest things made you think it was the end of the world. Or when you couldn’t wait to get out school but at the same time did not know what life beyond school could be like for you.
Logan Lerman plays a wonderful Charlie. This kid is a great actor and I’m sure he has a bright career ahead of him, no doubt about it. He is so freaking adorable! I read sometime ago how Lerman is compared to a young Tom Cruise, but I think that’s just mean. How would you like to be compared to a young douchebag? Emma Watson plays Sam, a sweet girl with a troubled past. Miss Watson shows there is a life beyond Hermione Granger (of Harry Potter, in case you didn’t know that on account of having lived under a rock for the past decade). Her performance is just as she is: magical; she also has a pretty decent American accent, although sounds like a very cultured American teenager accent!

My favorite from the bunch, though, was Ezra Miller as Patrick. Now, this kid is pretty amazing. The last time I saw him was playing a sociopath in We Need to Talk About Kevin, so finding him in the role of super fun-loving, extrovert Patrick was a breath of fresh air. I think his character was my favorite because he mirrors a bit of my own personality, maybe even through high school: a jokester, unusual character with great personality, but deep down quite vulnerale and afraid to show certain facets of is true self so openly to the world (in his case, being gay). There is a particular scene when he gets a nickname and at some point people just call him that. Rather than fight it, he goes along with the joke, but does wish people would just stop.

Overall it is a heart-felt story you have to watch. It has since gathered quite a cult following, just like the book did. It delivered one of the best quotes ever: “we accept the love we think we deserve”

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