Are you ready for the Oscars? No? That’s ok, neither am I!


Sometimes I wonder if people even care about awards or movies that win all the accolades (and then the awards). Well, I care for a couple of reasons, mostly very shallow ones:
1. Award shows are quite the spectacle. The Oscars in particular is an extravangaza of everything that is magical about the movie business.
2. The red carpet is a show before the show. You get to see a bunch of pretty dresses and some hot messes. You can also see the most ridiculous showcase of journalistic prowess, with entertainment reporting asking the dumbest questions EVER. It’s quite amusing.

I told you the reasons were shallow. Of course, I do care about the movies and the awards they win. However, I find it helpful to form an opinion about these movies when I’ve actually seen them. But guess what? I live in Belgium and all these movies only premiere AFTER award season starts (one of the Best Picture nominees is still not out and another one only came out last week).

Maybe you saw all of them. Maybe you don’t care. So I found a very quick way to catch up with all the Oscar nomineed and even more movies you may have missed last year…..

SPOILER ALERT! If you still have plans to see any of the Oscar nominated movies or any blockbuster from last year, I suggest you don’t watch the video below. I have to saw, it’s quite an amusing review…

Tomorrow I will be posting reviews of as many Oscar nominated movies as possible since I was lucky to have had the opportunity to watch some of these on avant-premiere or while I was abroad. And I’ll also be live tweeting the Oscars, so if you happen to be awake or in the Americas timezone, then let’s have a Twitter chat! (use #PaolaReportsOscars )


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