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Should you watch this movie? I don’t think this movie is for everyone. It is one of those long-winded films with little action, lots of talk, and an issues that would usually pertain American citizens. I personally found it fascinating because it is a smart story of how politics can really make or break the welfare of a nation. And because it really makes you go WTF with some of the arguments posed there for racial discrimination (much in the way I hope future generations react to the discrimination due to sexual orientation some individuals face today)

LincolnThe story follows American president Abraham Lincoln’s last days in office, when he, together with key leaders of the Republican party try to unite a country at war and abolish slavery. It portrays a picture of a strong leader and political strategist, as well as the entire group of people behind the President and the arguments of those who oppose him.

The first 10 minutes or so I was a bit bored with the movie pace, but after this I was glued to the screen. It was weird to see how the Republican party was once “the progressive one” and the democrats the ones who wanted to maintain the status quo at the expense of others. It absolutely heartbreaking to see, even if it was just an enactment, how educated men attempt to justify the superiority of the white race over the black as sufficient ground to keep slavery. More compelling is to see how the wrong thing can be made rationally defended: abolishing slavery meant a huge economic loss for a country that produced thanks to free labor. Geez…

The brilliance of this movie rides entirely on the amazing performances of Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln, Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens. All 3 have been nominated for an Academy Award and so far things are looking good for Daniel Day-Lewis who may win his 3rd Oscar, hence making movie history by being the first to win 3 Oscars in the Best Actor category. There are great chances for Tommy Lee Jones as well, which would be awesome since his role was so freaking amazing! But then again, when is Tommy Lee Jones not amazing? Anyway, he’s got tought competition in Robert De Niro and Christophe Waltz.

I recommend this movie for history buffs and those of you who really watch movies for groundbreaking performances and excellent writing. This movie has the majority of the nominations, including Best Director for Steven Spielberg and Best Picture and is so far the strongest contender against Argo.

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