Silver Linings Playbook


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Should you watch this movie? Yes. You will enjoy great performances by a top notch cast and an unusual romantic story that will capture your attention. This movie was nominated to many Oscars, including, for the first time since the 1970, nominations in all 4 acting categories!

20130313-083151.jpgAfter spending 8 months in a psychiatric institituion after having a breakdown due to his bipolar disorder, Pat Solatano finds himself moving back into his parents home. He has lost everything: his house, his job, and even his wife. But he is positive he will get his life back and even get back together with his wife, despite the fact their split was not the most amicable. Pat meets Tiffany Maxwell, a girl with her own issues who offers to help Pat get his wife back if he helps her win a dance competition. As their deal develops, there is of course a special bond forming between them and the lives of those around them.

Silver Linings is one of those movies that is too good to simply be called a romantic comedy. I know, some of you are fans of rom-coms and I’m with you, but there is so much rom-com crap in a sea of Hollywood movies, you don’t want to place this lovely tale in that category. Luckily in the case of this movie, the all-star cast guarantees outstanding performaces (as opposed to examples like this one), and pretty much the entire industry agrees… Have you see all the awards this movie, and in particular the actors were nominated to? Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, and Jackie Weaver were all nominated to top awards this season, including the Oscars. Jennifer Lawrence won pretty much everything she was nominated for, included the coveted Academy Award.

What I liked most about the story, which could’ve been exactly like every other romantic comedy out there, is how it doesn’t go about happy endings (or silver linings, whatever you wish to call them) with everything working out perfectly and all problems resolved. Both Pat and Tiffany and deeply troubled people who just accept each other for what they are… and maybe even bring out the best in the other.

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