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Should you watch this movie? Meh! It had good moments, but it was really long and sometimes I’d say aimless, which means there are plenty of opportunities to be bored by it. Wait till it’s out on DVD (if you are in the US you are in luck as it comes out 22nd March).

20130323-222218.jpgRemember the movie Knocked Up? This is 40 follows the story of two of their supporting characters, Debbie and Pete as they turn 40. The plot goes about their relationship’s highs and lows, brought on by their jobs, finances, and their family, which includes teenage Sadie and 8 year-old Charlotte. The movie has a start studded cast, mostly on supporting roles or cameos.

Judd Apatow is producer, writer and director. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd reprise their roles as Debbie and Pete and as usual they are super hilarious most of time and really have great chemistry. The kids, played by Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s real kids Maude and Iris are amazing, should they decide to have a career in showbiz, they are well on their way! The rest of the cast is barely there really. They are not on screen long enough to be particularly memorable… Unless you are a massive fan of Megan Fox’s boobs, they make a cameo more memorable than Megan Fox herself.

To be honest it wasn’t as awesome as other Apatow movies. Maybe because I’ve gotten used to his style of comedy and this one just seemed kind of pointless at times. I really felt bored and wondering when it was all going to end. Sure, there are enough comedic moments, especially when involving some of the supporting cast, but the bottom line was, waaaay too long! Maybe had it all been packed in a shorter time (hello? 2 hours and 15 minutes?), maybe I’d felt better about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible movie and shpuld you watch you’d find amusement in it. I just wasn’t too impressed. Like I said, meh!

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