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Should you watch this movie? Meh! It’s not a terrible movie, there are certainly worse out there, but it was just, meh! For those who don’t speak Paola, this means the movie is pretty unremarkable and not memorable. May or may not entertaining. Will certainly not add any value to your life.

20130510-151250.jpg Parker is a professional thief who joins another group of thieves on a robbery that goes terribly wrong. The gang asks Parker to join in another heist which requires him to give up his part of the bounty from the robbery. When he refuses, the thieves betray him, take his money and leave him for dead. When he finds out the crew’s next heist is in Palm Beach and follows them there. With the help of a real estate broker called Leslie, who helps him out when he least expects it, he sets on a quest to steal from the crew and get revenge.

I fell asleep while watching this movie. I saw bits and pieces. This in no way broke the continuity of the story. I was able to deduce what had happened, very quickly from what had happened before. I only had one confusion at the beginning when I didn’t know whether a certain part was either in the present or flashbacks. Should you not fall asleep, you would not have any confusion about the plot whatsoever. It is relatively simple. This movie is based on the book Flashfire, which is the 19th book of a series of Parker books. There have been many adaptations of these books, one of the most recent ones is Payback with Mel Gibson (character is called Porter, though).

Jason Statham plays the lead character and Jennifer Lopez plays Leslie. Jason Statham play every other role Jason Statham plays in every movie he participates in. That’s not necessarily bad, it just means, that’s his gig. Like comedians usually do comedies, Statham does action movies. One critic went as far as stating:

Jason Statham is to action movies what Taco Bell is to nutrition.

It only means don’t watch too many Jason Statham movies or you might get diarrhea. Consider yourself warned!

Would I’ve liked or hated this movie more had I actually watched the whole thing? We will never know because I do not plan to see again!

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