Oz The Great and Powerful


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Should you watch this movie? If you are going to the movies this is one to watch. Not necessarily because it is such a good story, but the visuals truly deserve a big screen setting. Most of the actors did a great job and the film can provide good entertainment.

20130605-131708.jpgOscar Diggs is a small-time circus magician from Kansas and a bit of a douchebag in the romance department. He is magically transported in a hot air balloon during a storm to the land of Oz, a world unlike his own with flying monkeys, people made out of porcelain, and good and wicked witches. Thanks to his meeting with three witches, Theodora, Evanora, and Glinda, Oscar is confused with a powerful wizard foretold in a prophecy who would defeat “the wicked witch” and bring peace to the land. Armed with his illusions and tricks, he attemps to become the wizard, or even just a decent guy!

If there is one good thing about this film is how beautifully the land of Oz and all the magical components of Frank L. Baum’s original work (and the 1939 movie) come to life on screen. The visuals are truly fantastic: yellow-brick road? Check. Emerald City? Check. Good-hearted munchkins? Check! For that reason alone it is enough to purchase the movie ticket. Story-wise, well, it is pretty good, but there wasn’t much to highlight in my opinion, nothing truly memorable about the script or general plot line.

The female actors did much better innthe acting department. Rachel Weisz played Evanora, Michelle Williams played Glinda, and Mila Kunis played Theodora. The latter has a very naggy voice more akin to a petulant child than a witch (let alone a wicked one!). But that’s just a detail. James Franco was his usual James Franco way. I have no idea why I’m not so fond of Mr. Franco. Maybe I’m still upset about how he abandoned Anne Hathaway at the Oscars. Maybe he has this sleazy vibe that makes him a great candidate for amateur porn. I don’t know, but he did not play a memorable wizard of Oz. ok, that is not true. He made the wizard a sleazy, former porn actor wizard. I’ll never forget that.

Surprisignly two of the animated characters, Finley, the flying monkey voiced by Zack Braff and China Doll voiced by Joey King, had the best performances of the entire cast. Not to mention they were both adorable! In spite of the shortcomings, I liked the movie and would recommend to watch.

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