Olympus Has Fallen


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Should you watch this movie? It is a movie where Gerard Butler redeems himself to his former glory after this fiasco and no matter what critics say, it is crazy fun! So yeah, it’s a gratuitous display of violence and American pride one can enjoy!

20130616-182333.jpgIt’s the plot that would never, ever happen: the White House is taken over by a terrorist group with the President of The United States (together with his top staff) held hostage inside. Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent and formerly in the President’s security details ends up trapped inside the White House and the only liaison National Security has to fix EVERYTHING that could go wrong.

Change the White House for an office building (or an airport, or New York City), Holly for the president and his staff, and John McClane for Mike Banning and you got yourself Die Hard VI: Red, White, and Awesome (Hollywood producers, feel free to use the title for a small percentage of your movie profits). It is the tried and tested story of a massive security breach and all hell breaking loose that no army in the world can fix, but only a single badass with an attitude can. That’s why movie critics pan this type of movies, but audiences could care less. I didn’t and quite liked it!

My boyfriend Gerry plays Mike Banning, nearly restoring his former Leonidas glory. Aaron Eckhart plays the president, not a role I was to excited to see him in, not because he wouldn’t make a dashing POTUS, but because I like his sarcastic, but charming roles much, much better. Ashley Judd is in the movie for about 5 minutes, so I’m not sure why she is even in the credits. And then there’s Morgan Freeman, who plays the Speaker of the House. Now, in what world does Morgan Freeman not play the President or some omnipotent deity? When the Presidents and all potential succesors get kidnapped, then the Speaker of the House gets acting President, so in the end Morgan Freeman remains Morgan Freeman. All is right in the world again.

The movie also stars Angela Basset, Melissa Leo, Dylan MacDermott, and Rick Yune. Also in the movie is Robert Forster who I mention because I don’t remember this guy playing anything but a military man or a veteran. Tell me if you have seen him anywhere else (a prominent movie or TV) show playing someone with a different profession.

Overall, it is a higly enjoyale movie even if we are dealing with a predicatble plot and an excessive pro “America is awesome” message. In the end it is just pure action-packed entertainment!


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