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Should you watch this movie? Yes, even though fans of the book will find this movie doesn’t have much of the book except the title. Or so I’ve read. The movie is good and I liked it. Because of that, I’m now curious about the book!

20130707-021523.jpgAfter a strange illness rapidly th plagues the entire world, turning humans in “zombies”, Gerry Lane, a United Nations investigator travels the world to try to stop the pandemic that threatens the extinction of the species.

This movie get right in there: no character backstory, no tracebacks of the viral infection, the plot goes right into the point showing a bunch of people getting infected at a ridiculously fast pace and the rest of the people running for their lives. Thank godness for Brad Pitt, though, otherwise humanity would be doomed. Until the hunk shows up the entire world is absolutely clueless about this plague. In real life it does happen that one individual or a group figures out the solution to a global challenge (although it takes them a bit longer than the timeframe of a Hollywood movie). In this story it just happens to be one the sexiest men alive with the pretties set of golden locks I’ve ever seen!

Cast-wise it pretty much new faces other than Pitt. There are a couple of familiar faces, but they are not very prominent in the story. Brad Pitt’s Lane is strong, but vulnerable at the thought of the family he leaves behind. He meets a couple of people along the way who give him extra insight into the progression of the disease. The scenes are action-packed and the special effects great, particularly the makeup effects to create the zombified people. Although the pace pf the film will keep you at the edge of your seat, towards the end it’s kind of lame and you’ll go “now what?”

Generally speaking the movie is very nice and will not disappoint in providing the entertain,ent factor of a good summer blockbuster! As I said at the beginning, it has made me interested in the book and I think they’ll make me change my mind about the plot the movie went for, but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll have a sequel?

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