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Should you watch this movie? Guys, I’m still laughing about it. There’s some funny stuff here, you gotta watch!

20130906-184601.jpgWhen David’s stash and money from his small drug (pot) dealing operation is stolen, his supplier convinces him to smuggle drugs out of Mexico to pay off the debt. In order to avoid suspicion at the border crossing, David hires his neighbor Rose, a stripper, and neigbor Kenny and homeless girl Casey to play his wife and kids respectively. The simple plan to ride an RV to smuggle drugs on 4th July weekend will be bumpy and filled with plenty of laughs… For those of us watching, that it!

Maybe I’m not sofisticated enough to have a critical mind about this one because I thought it was, pardon my French, f***ing hilarious. I laughed and laughed and when I thought I could rest my tired stomach muscles from all the laughing, bam! Another hilarious joke. Maybe I was in desperate need for laughs that day, I don’t know. The type of comedy this movie relies in is more the “offensive” type, although I didn’t personally think it that crude. But it is important to say, it is not your witty comedy type of movie for sure!

Jason Sudeikis plays David and Jennifer Aniston plays Rose (I’ll have what she’s having, please! Have you seen her? She is H-O-T!). Emma Roberts and Will Poulter play Casey and Kenny respectively, the former really departing from her good girl image in this one, the latter delivering some of the best comedic moments with his sweet, naive attitude. From a plot point of view it is rather predictable, even some of the jokes you will be able to anticipate, but let’s face it, you won’t care because you are going to watch this movie, not to view a critique on the war on drugs, but to just have FUN. And fun you will have!

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  1. Diana

    ok, I definatly want to see this movie! Tx for the revieuw Paola!


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