Can I pinch His Royal Highness' chubby cheeks pleeease?


Let’s take a moment to rejoice in the deliciousness that are the cheeks of the gorgeous Prince George of Cambridge. Not only do I want to give them a little pinch, I would even go nomnomnom on them. The little prince had his christening today, so of course, that’s news….

Princess Shinylocks and His Royal Baldness Prince William were present. They were all smiles, however; HRH Chubby Cheeks was not amused.
His lack of amusement was unlike that of commoner babies, who would typically throw fit of crying. Oh now. The royal grimace was one of such poise and dignity, as one might expect of someone of his stature. Or he had to make a poopy.

Anyway, if you actually wanted to know more about this magnificent milestone, please go here. All pictures come from this source. Unfortunately my press credentials did not give me that kind of access!


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