Sounds of the Week: Drake, Paul McCartney, and Pearl Jam


In this new section I will bring you some music reviews, which will include both previous and current releases (with a couple of trips down memory lane). In this feature? Three albums by Drake, Paul McCartney, and Pearl Jam.

Nothing Was the Same


20131031-230639.jpgAnd nothing is the same with this new effort by Drake. From a more experimental delivery of soul centered in more self-ego feeding lyrics to the more obvious presence of electronic influence, “Nothing Was The Same” is definitely the best work of the Canadian rapper. The collaborations are just perfect, the right voice with right mix serving the right feeling. It just goes smoothly together. (“Pound Cake” is just delicious with Jay-Z)
Maturity can be heard in Drake’s more visible mastery of intention and vibe (“Come Thru”, leading to a more honest connection with the listener.

Notable songs:“Pound Cake” “Come Thru”, “Hold On We Are Going Home”
A rate?: 8.8


Paul McCartney

20131031-230645.jpgJust correct, just good, just enjoyable. I kind of missed some more exploration in this first work from McCartney’s after 6 years of silence. You would not maybe match “exploration” with being 71 years old, but come on!, it’s Paul McCartney. The album feels like a endevour towards turning taking a new direction but it does not go further than that and it feels more like suffering in the process.
“New” will surelly pass unadverted by many and I don’t expect great recognition at the Grammy Awards (as it tends to happen when a legend comes up with new so-called contemporary classic from a classic).

A rate?: 6.4

Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam

20131031-230653.jpgWithout being a great album, “Lightning Bolt” is a vivid proof that Pearl Jam is one of those bands to become American rock legends. Their capacity to evolve is tested in this work full of turns mixed with referents from Pearl Jam’s previous work. Expect quite vivid memories from old Pearl Jam at the very beginning of the album.
Do not expect a spectacular album but do expect good music and great quality music exercise behind it.

Notable songs: “Sleeping By Myself”, “Mind Your Manners”, “My Father’s Son”
A rate?: 7.4

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