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Should you watch this movie? Yes.

20131031-204936.jpg During a space mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, the crew of the space shuttle Explorer is hit by a cloud of debris (due to the missile strike of a Russian satellite). Dr. Ryan Stone, veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, and engineer Shariff Dasari are in the middle of a spacewalk when the event happens, leaving Stone and Kowalski the sole survivors of this disaster and now in challenging circumstances to get back to Earth.

First of all, the movie’s plot from beginning to end goes fast, even though there are a lot of moment of really ominous silence. You’ll be at the edge or your seat all the time, even though it is sort of obvious the characters can’t just die at those scary moments because the movie would just be over… Anyway, the suspense over how it’s all going to pan out is just perfectly executed! Kudos to director Alfonso Cuarón who proves once more he is one of the most talented directors in Hollywood today.

The special effects are spectacular! Having this movie dealing with such nerve-wrecking themes yet set in the breathtaking scenery of deep space was just genius! But the real genius of the movie is it’s star, Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone. Her performance is already screaming Oscar buzz, and with good reason. The emotional process the character experiences throughout the movie is incredibly easy to relate to and empathise with. Bullock, together with George Clooney’s Matt Kowalski, are the only on camera actors (the others just voicing).

Bechdel Test: Surprising Fail
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it Sandra Bullock is one of two leads. One of two on camera actors.
2. Who talk to each other It’s jus Clooney and Bullock!
3. About something besides a man

Does it matter? Not one bit. Sandra Bullock is the lead. Period. It’s her story, even though George Clooney shares screen credits with her. His character is a somewhat “master” who’s there for guidance in her survival. But in the end, she’s in change of it.

This movie is excellent. It is something different out there, but still appealling to those who enjoy the showbiz flare of Hollywood movies. Highly recommended!

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