Sounds of the Week: Lady Gaga, Systema Solar, Russian Circles


In this section I’m bringing you some music reviews, which include both previous and current releases (with a couple of trips down memory lane). In this feature? Three albums by Lady Gaga, Systema Solar, and Russian Circles.


Lady Gaga

20131112-193540.jpgYou can’t immediately say what sort of mess this is: beautiful or calamity? ArtPop’s promising opening with “Aura” starts getting confusing as the record goes on. Strings with no purpose, electronically modified voice overdose mix with a more mature voice tone (when it’s not modified). Lyrics-wise Lady Gaga does not evolve to a new place and stays at the “dance, dance” stage which she knows how to combine with empowerment oriented pop messages.

Notable songs: Aura, Fashion!, Applause
A rate?: 6,5/10

La revancha del burro

Systema Solar

20131112-193548.jpgBack in 2010 the Colombian band surprised the electronic-world music scene with their first work. In 2013 they are back with a higher quality / more sophisticated result, which does not necessarily mean “better”. This album is a total rollercoaster with amazing pieces like the marvelous “Yo Voy Gana’o” and “El Botón del Pantalón”, “Tukupakata”; disappointing tracks include the over-electrified “La Rana” and “Nite Nine”. Every single track has a very promising and exciting start but not all of them get to keep the enthusiasm going on.

Notable songs: Yo Voy Gana’o, El Botón Del Pantalón, Artificial
A rate?: 7,2/10


Russian Circles

20131112-193554.jpgEvolution. This is what Russian Circles demonstrate in their new work. You can notice a bolder attitude in this achievement which takes you through a vital journey of instrumental rock pleasure. The great execution of “1777” and the subsequent enjoyable rest with “Cheyenne” is outstanding. The performance of Chelsea Wolfe in “Memorial” gives the album a spirit-full conclusion.

Notable songs: Memorian, 1777
A rate?: 8,8/10


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