The Family (Malavita)


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Should warch this movie? Meh. It’s nice and fun, but probably more appealing as a rental or broadcasted on TV. For free. If you do decide to go to the movies to watch, you may find a couple of chuckle-worthy moments.

The movie begins with the relocation of the “Blake” family to a small town in Normandy, France. In reality the Blakes are actually a Mafia family (parents Gio and Maggie and kids Warren and Belle) from Brooklyn living for the past 6 years under witness protection program who tend to move around a lot due to their “mob antics” always threatening to blow their cover. It also doesn’t help that Don Luchese, the mob boss Gio put in jail has some really good connections that always seem to find out where the family hides.

Directed by reknowned action movie director Luc Besson and starring and all-star cast, the movie is a mixture of comedy and action, but as it moves along you find the action scenes and the comedy scenes are quite scarce. What stays in between is a bunch of anticipation. You will think “now comes a funny part”, then it doesn’t and if it does is not as funny as you had build up to expect. The cast could not have been picked better, so at least the movie has that going on. Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones are typecasted in the roles the play best, mobster and officer respectively. Add Michelle Pfeiffer to the mix as the lovely Mafia wife Maggie and you’d expect a blockbuster in your hands. Only it wasn’t.

It is not one of those movies that’ll outrage you into picketing the movie theater to get your money back. It is entertaining enough for a night out.

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