It’s kind of a funny story, actually…


It’s official: I’ve broken my own record of not posting more than 2 articles on this page for 8 full weeks. Was it a deliberate attempt? The first 4 weeks, not, but the next ones sort of were. It’s kind of a funny story…

First of all the day job was keeping me absurdly busy. Last quarter of the year is probably the worst time to accomplish anything of substance, since everyone else is trying to do the same (usually unto you). So there’s that which I said would be a funny story, but it really wasn’t. But wait! There’s more….

I was busy and stressed from all the work and planning a short holiday season off from work when Christmas Eve my knee started behaving strangely. I’ve been having this feeling of the knee locking and not moving forward. Comes with pain if I force it. I spent my Christmas time with a knee brace on to at least prevent the jamming. I walked like a one-legged pirate, but at least had no pain. I went I got an MRI on doctor’s orders. If you remember well, these things are not booked quickly in this country, so you know it’s not my first “medical rodeo”. Then New Year’s Eve happened, and the second day of this brand new 2014 I got the fabulous news my knee problem is craptastic!

Apparently I have a huge cartilage tear, plus inflammation, hence the pain. I can’t do sh**. You’d think that’d be enough reason to want to write, but no, I’ve been too busy moping about my misfortunes. And now for the funny part of the story: It was all a lie. There was never a funny story. It was all an elaborate ruse to get you to read this. I’m not ashamed and I’d do it again if I have the chance! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the blog stuff a lot because I have the feeling my content confuses you, in fact it confuses me sometimes because it is all over the place. My top read posts tell me you like The Avengers, rants about Belgium, sea salt spray, breathing culture, and bright lipsticks. Maybe you guys are just as random as my posts are.

We’ll see where this goes…. This is the part where you post a comment below. Tell me, what’s up with you these days? Had a good holiday season? What’s the stuff you like reading here? Leave a comment down there….


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