Captain Phillips


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Should you watch this movie? it’s a good action movie based on true events. Sure, it’s an interesting flick.

20140302-002251.jpgBased on a true story, the movie follows the hijacking of cargo ship MV Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates. The ship, travelling from Port Salalah, Oman to Mombasa, Kenya is led by Captain Phillips who attemps to negotitate with the pirates for the sake of his crew.

The movie is intense from beginning to end and will keep you on the edge of your seat even though you know how this is going to end (the movie is based on true events well documented in the news). It definitely has Paul Greengrass’ print all over it; he directed other action movies such as The Bourne trilogy and Green Zone.

Tom Hanks plays the title character and as usual he does great. It would’ve been a complete surprise had it not been a great one.. But the real breakthrough from the movie is Barhad Abdi who played head pirate Abduwali Muse. His protrayal was equal parts scary and heartbreaking. You could almost smell the desperation in the character.

Overall, it’s a good movie worth a watch!

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